Tax Consultants In Dubai

Everyone earns but not all have the skill to manage their income and calculate taxes on their earning. This becomes a hectic job if someone hasn’t got the proper skills and education to deal with this problem. There are a lot of online and in-person taxation management services that will work on your tax calculation and management to ensure that there are no legal problems with your tax payment. We, BFB Management Consultancy, are the best tax consultants in Dubai.

Being a tax consultant, we aim simple and clear: ensuring fair play, reliability, and affordability. Keeping these aims in mind we serve the customers to the best ability. This places us as one of the best consulting companies in Dubai. A customer can get free tax consultation with us.

It is our years of expertise, exposure in the field, and our devotion to the customers that make us the best. Here are some of our leading services which make us an attraction for our customers.

VAT Services – The Best VAT Consultants in Dubai

Value Added Tax is one of the most common taxes. This tax is responsible for the growth of the economy of the state. It ensures that there is less reliability on crude products and customers get the refined services. There is no Value Added Tax on businesses, rather it is levied from customers. It helps the growth of businesses and guarantees that the customers get the best possible services. We have gathered the cream VAT consultants in Dubai and brought them under a single banner to guarantee that the customer is served best.

Professionals at BFB Management Consultancy are the best when you want to work on VAT. They know the technicalities of this tax and ensure no small detail is left while calculating VAT for you. We are the best tax consultants in Dubai because of the quality of services that we ensure.

Taxation laws don’t remain static and for this reason, not every services provider is reliable. A customer needs professionals who are up to date about the new laws and knows their technicalities. The latest in this regard is January 2018 law in Dubai which has changed many previous regulations. BFB Management Consultancy has professionals well-versed in Dubai’s new VAT laws.

Our professionals are the best VAT consultants in Dubai due to their experience of dealing with variant cases and professionalism.

You can get further details about our VET services by contacting us or ask for a free consultation.


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    International Tax Services

    Being a renowned name amongst tax consultants in Dubai, we are known for the range of services we offer. Our services as a tax consultant or not just limited to a single type of tax, rather we ensure our customer is served under a single roof. They won’t have to visit different offices for different services. BFB Management Consultancy helps you avail of all these services at a single click if you want to get in touch online. If you want to visit our office, every department of ours will serve you.

    Being a reliable name amongst tax consulting companies in Dubai, we ensure that our international tax services cover the customers’ all needs. Our main internal tax services cover:

    • Cross-Border Transaction Help
    • Tax Planning
    • Double Taxation Treaties
    • Certificates

    If a customer is arriving in Dubai, they will have to pay taxes. Being a consultancy in Dubai, we ensure that they don’t face any problems due to taxes and their stay remains pleasurable. Our services are available at an affordable cost and will ensure that the customer doesn’t face any problems due to taxing.

    Excise Tax Services – Ensuring Your Safety and Fulfilling Legal Requisites

    There are different commodities used by human beings that either harm ecosystem or human beings. Governments ensure that their use is reduced. For this reason, there are taxes levied on these products. We are the best consultancy in Dubai and cover the customers’ needs ranging from VAT to Excise taxes.

    The customer can contact us to get the details of their goods and our professionals will get an estimate for them. This estimate will cover the complete costs that the customer will have to pay as the excise tax for their goods. This tax was first introduced in UAE in 2017. Our professionals have worked as excise tax consultants in Dubai since then and know the intricacies of this job.

    They will handle the whole process smoothly and the customer won’t have to face any problems. Our professionals will get you a detailed overview of what products are exempt from excise and which ones are included in them. Also, they will make an estimate of tax that you will have to pay as excise on your products.

    Country by Country Reporting

    CbCR is taxes that are applicable to businesses only. It is the amount that is applicable to those citizens whose assets cross the limit of AED 3.15 billion. This is an annual tax that will be applicable to MNEs. A good professional will not only make an estimate of what it costs an MNE in CbCR but also gets the complete details to ensure that nothing is missing.

    Being the best tax consultants in Dubai, we have professionals who have varied experience in CbCR. Our list of satisfied customers is long, and they are the biggest asset that we have made over the years. If there are any changes in the CbCR rules, we update our customers about them and make requisite changes in conformity to those amendments.

    We ensure that our customer doesn’t face any administrative penalties. So far, our satisfied customers are proof of our devotion to this job.

    Consultation about Economic Substance Regulations – Keeping Latest Regulations in View

    Economic Substance Regulations came into effect in Dubai in 2019. This was the result of the cabinet ministers meeting resolution no. 31. This is a step that was taken towards tax transparency by the EU, and UAE is one of the very first countries to accept it. It ensures that citizens are taxed fairly, and no extra sum is charged in taxes.

    This tax is applicable on business which is called relevant entities in this tax. The businesses that are liable to this taxing are:

    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Lease Finance
    • Shipping
    • Intellectual Property
    • Investment Fund Management, etc.

    Professionals at (company name) will consult the client and discuss all relevant details of taxes applicable. They will look into detail if any tax law is being violated. They will make an analysis of what are the mistakes committed by the customer and how they can be corrected.

    We are the best consultancy in Dubai who ensure that customers’ problems are solved.

    360 Degree Check for You

    Taxation is not just about checking the details of a single issue. Rather, the best step in this regard is to ensure that all the angles of taxing are studied. If a customer misses a single aspect, then it might cost them much. We at (company name) ensure that all your taxing needs are fulfilled.

    We take a check of your business and ensure that no taxing laws are violated. If there are any violations, we point out them and ensure amends are made for them. If you want us to work on services other than business taxing, we will work on it for you. Our professionals have expertise in different areas, and you will be served by the one that fulfills your needs.

    A complete check means that you don’t have to worry about the grip of the law or worry about any violations. Our experts are the best in taxation laws and will be the best for you!

    Business Services

    If you run any business and want a consultation in this regard. Then our business taxation experts will consult you looking at your needs. They will not only keep your needs in view but also the requirements of the law. Our business services ensure that you don’t violate the law and keep the requisites in view.

    We will not only take an overview of your business but will make an overall analysis of what your needs are. They will make an estimate of taxes that you are liable to pay. In case, there are some missing or already prevailing problems in your tax payments, we will sort it out for you.

    Tourist Taxes

     Tourist taxes are one of the relatively new emerging areas in taxation. Not all tourists have the idea of what taxes they have to pay in a country. We will consult our customers in Dubai who are visiting it. We will make a list of any taxes that they will have to pay. This estimate will be taken at affordable costs to ensure that the tourist is not burdened.

    We will also let our customers know how much taxes they will have to pay on bringing or taking goods with them from Dubai. This will be taken in regard to regional and national taxation laws.

    We ensure that our customers’ stay remains the best in Dubai.