Accounting Services

Accounting is a job that is not possible for every person because of the expertise that it demands. Lay persons might learn the basics of it, but it is always the job of the professional to keep accounts in a proper state. It is professionals who are well-versed in variant jobs of accounting ranging from book-keeping to management and audit of your funds. If you are looking for accounting services in Dubai, we will do it happily for you.

We are one of the best audit firms in UAE, which ensures that the process of accounting is simplified for customers. We work on complex calculations and processes and get back with the final stats and figures. Professionals at BFB Management Consultancy ensure that customers’ needs are fulfilled in the minimum possible time, and they get a swift response. Our passion is providing the customer the best accounting services in Dubai, ensuring that they don’t face problems with their accounting-related jobs.

Our main aim is to serve the business community in Dubai at the best level possible. Being one of the best bookkeeping and accounting firms in Dubai, we ensure that the customers get the best possible accounting and audit services. Either it is consultation or audit of funds, our professionals are ready to deliver their best. Our aim is simple and clear; helping your business grow with fair finance and accounting.  

Some of our most demanded accounting services are given as follows. These are the services which make us one of the best accounting services offering company in Dubai. This makes us one of the best accounting firms in UAE.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We, at BFB Management Consultancy have the best accounting and bookkeeping minds in our firm. Businesses need to focus on matters that are more significant in regard to their growth. If they spend all their time on accounting and its problems, they might not be able to compete in the market. This is the reason accounting services are needed.

Every business wants to hire professionals that are the best and can work on their projects with complete dedication. We fulfill this need of our customers and have placed our name as one of the best accounting services in Dubai. Our professionals with expertise in accounting and bookkeeping will ensure that your data supports you.

We are one of the best bookkeeping and accounting firms in Dubai, which ensures that the customers’ best interests are secured. We ensure they save the money they might lose in case of proper auditing and bookkeeping.  


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    Accounting Review

    Being one of the leading accounting firms in UAE, we are best known for our services that are reliable, affordable, and cost-effective. With the growing need for fair financial deals and legal requisites, accounting has taken a significant place in businesses.  According to the new VAT laws, it has become obligatory for business owners to keep a complete record of their transactions.

    In case there are some dubious transactions or some record missing, then it will result in form of penalties for the owner. This not only hampers the growth of the business but also brings a bad name to the company. To ensure that not only the accounts are kept safe and fair, but also, they fulfill the legal requisites, we at (company name) offer accounting review services.

    Being one of the best accounting services in Dubai, we have minds that will look thoroughly into your accounts. They will track all transactions and make a complete record of them. If there is something wrong in keeping the accounts, they will set it right. We ensure your safety and fast growth!

    Accounting System Implement

    Human beings can commit errors and mistakes, but it is not possible for a machine. A computerized system ensures that it works according to the system it has been programmed with. For this purpose, we have professionals who have expertise in accounting programs. Their years of experience in accounting programs ensure that your company’s accounting is in safe hands.

    Being one of the leading accounting companies in Dubai, we at (company name) ensure that our expertise is in the best interests of the customer. We will work on a cost-effective model for you to transform your accounting system into a digital one. It is not only an improvement in the management of your firm but also ensures that your team has access to the system, suggesting and making changes where needed.

    It will boost your company if you digitize the accounting system. Most auditing companies in Dubai work digitally. We will help you make it easy for you to work digitally.  

    Accounts Payable

    Accounts payable services are the ones that require attention from business owners. The reason for it is the growth of the business. If a business owner spends their month on earnings but makes a loss due to improper management of accounts payable, that will be discouraging for their business. Different audit firms in UAE ensure that their customers get accounts payable services.

    What makes us different is the affordability and reliability. Our customers are our ambassadors when it comes to this job. A customer can outsource an accounts payable expert from our company at affordable costs. This will save them not only from extra expenses but a huge burden of an extra employee as well.

    We are a name of reliability in accounting services in Dubai who ensure that accounts payable doesn’t become a hurdle in a business’s growth. We are known for cost-effectiveness and enhancing business agility. We ensure that don’t face any stress due to accounts payable.

    CFO Services

    Outsourcing has made it affordable for business owners to hire professionals for CFO services. Our financial experts work in coordination with companies to ensure that their business outdoes their competitors. A reliable CFO ensures that the business makes proper strategies to ensure maximum possible gains. A CFO from (company name) will enhance your business growth.

    Our financial experts will give you a detailed report of how your business is doing. Based on facts and figures, they will strategies that will aim at higher revenue generation. They will look at your business from all angles and ensure that nothing is left unobserved.

    CFOs run a business because of their expertise in management. So, hiring a professional will ensure the definite growth of your business.

    Accounts Receivable

    Cash serves as blood for businesses. If there is no proper cash flow, there are definite chances of failure of the business. Accounts receivable is a job that needs to be dealt with intricacy. It is the amount that customers owe the company. If they don’t pay this amount, the company won’t be able to progress. If accounts payable are not properly managed, then it leads to losses.

     It seems an easy job, but when it comes to handling accounts receivable it needs to be handled with care. Invoicing and credit management are vital to a business that will help you keep your business going well. If you partner with (company name), you will get premium services keeping you safe from worries related to accounts receivable. We will not only keep the flow going but also make necessary enhancements where needed.

    Financial Reporting

    Financial reporting works on looking into the pros and cons of your strategies. Our financial experts will have an in-depth look into your business and ensure that the weak points are studied well. They will look into amends for these weak points and ensure that they don’t harm your business.

    Data collection is important but processing it is of more significance. If a financial expert doesn’t work on the processing of the data collected and shows it as it is, then it is of no use. Our professionals ensure that this data is properly analyzed and processed. This analysis will show where the company is lagging and how it can be improved.

    Professionals at (company name) ensure that the latest financial practices are followed, and no stone is left unturned. We will present you with financial reports that will help you make proper improvements to your business. We have worked on many successful reporting projects that helped the businesses grow.  

    Bank Reconciliation

      Raw data in form of different business transactions can’t be used in financial reports. Instead, proper processing of the data and then its use for the improvement of the company is the main motive. We will work on financial statements for you to ensure that your data at the bank is tidy and properly processed for further action.

    It is a long procedure that has its own intricacies and complexities. You will not only work on managing your money but also spend on processing the data resulting from the fulfillment of these requirements. We will ensure that the data is clearly processed, and you don’t have to face problems in the bank. We ensure accuracy in management and calculations.

    Our bank reconciliation will have many benefits for customers. These include detection of fraud, identification of fraud, improvement of collection, prevention of overdraft, etc. We have a skilled team that will work on different aspects of your bank reconciliation. We ensure fair play in your business and help your soar higher!